Inspire and motivate – just like the real Olympians

Why not take advantage of the fact we are as a National hosting the Olympics in London this year!    The UK will be bubbling over with Olympic fever that teamed with the Queens Jubilee this year’s means we are as Businesses in line for many disrupted trading days and distracted staff.

But it doesn’t need to be soo negative! What better way to celebrate and engage your teams than to utilise the events that are about to kick off in 2012. Here are a few ideas that may help you really get the teams engaged and motivated and add a little smile to their faces at the same time!

  • Encourage staff to enter charity events during 2012 and keep a record of individual achievements and the total amount of money raised by your people for good causes. Making wellbeing a collaborative venture and a company value can really change the culture in your offices.
  • Set up your own company ‘Olympics’.  This can be a single event as simple as a pedometer challenge or a series of team events such as 5-a-side football, netball, swimming or running.  Prizes and recognition for winners is always a great incentive all round.
  • Set up a challenge internally and link it to the Olympics. Link the challenges to everyday tasks your teams cover and the winner is the one who completes them each day / week / month the quickest or with the most success rating.
  • Set up a challenge where individuals and teams can commit to their biggest wellbeing challenge of the year.  Whether this be to run a marathon, climb a mountain, lose weight, lower blood pressure, sleep better or improve work-life balance, creating an environment where people can share ideas, motivate each other and experience a sense of common purpose will make a huge difference to the results they achieve.

Once you have your key ideas in place, a brilliant way to spur staff on to great success is to provide them with regular motivation and accountability in the form of wellbeing workshops or 1-2-1 coaching.

There are companies that can assist with the bigger team challenges, out-door team building companies that can really get your heart rate pumping or you can keep costs low and launch something internally.

However you decide to use this years events to help motivate and inspire your teams do it with energy and commitment and you’ll see fantastic results!

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