Performance Drivers – How to fast-track your teams well-being…

We all know there’s a lot riding on the Olympics, but did you realise that includes your own and your teams well-being?

A study of over 40,000 people found national pride is a key factor in make us happy, BUT before you rest all your hopes on future joy on Team GB… it’s actually believing in your country’s laws, institutions and values that our long-term happiness depends on.

So Cheer on Team GB with gusto, but swell with pride at your fellow citizens ability to form an orderly queue for last-minute tickets too!!

These and many more interesting fact about how to ‘fast track to happiness’ can be found and I know what you are all thinking..

Zest is a fitness magazine!! and it’s for women!!  How can that help us in the office??

Well… before you discount this blog as yet another useless ‘you and your teams can be happy’ take a read… but make sure you think of it as if you were dealing with an individual member of your team, as if you were giving the advice to someone yourself… and I think you will be able to actually get something useful from it!

If you try it and can’t,  then read one of my other blogs and maybe I can find some other way to inspire you!

So my next question is… do these things worry you? Are you the type of manager or senior or even team member that worries about work, your staff, your business. If you say no .. then I know you are not engaged! Everyone worries!! its natural!!

Its have we deal with our worries that can help us work through them…

Sleep your worries away!

Not on the job obviously!! … but you need to make sure you are getting enough rest to relax your brain and re-coup your focus! 

If you have problems that you need to get sorted, something that may be worrying you.. think about taking a nap… sleeping on a problem is the best way to get a result. Your brain will think things through while you sleep and make it easier to come to a solution when you wake.

The old adage is true, Scientists found R.E.M sleep causes a dip in the stress hormone noradrenaline, which allows your brain to work safely through bad experiences, so you wake with a clearer mind.

So even more excuse to have that lie in .. or early night and we all love a duvet day right!!  Then wake up and be driven on by Team GB!!

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