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It’s not often I get to sit in a room full of engaged, forward thinking, truly focussed senior level executives fuelled by coffee and grapefruit-juice shots listening to amazingly passionate professionals discussing talent!….

But then I guess Talent 2012 isn’t run every day!!  (Mores the pity! We love it!)

As one of the amazingly talented media sponsors (biased!!) that works with the team @osneymedia to help deliver the message about #talent 2012, I was pleasantly surprised at how committed everyone involved was about the ‘Talent Revolution’ and how engaged the delegates and speakers  were.  It’s so refreshing to see CEO and board level speakers embracing the need for positive leadership, management that focuses on the ‘human’ element of Human Resources rather than just the resource.  

It’s encouraging to see HR Directors who are taking on board and in some cases already seeing the benefit of  getting talent right.  the need for ensuring they support and develop their talent at all levels from the ground up to their champions – leaving them feeling empowered, trained and energised about their jobs and involved with the business! After all as HR professionals we all know it’s the people who make our businesses tick!

The distinguished speakers and panelists for day one read like a list of red carpet business professionals;

… Phew!!! And that’s just day one!!!

Its like open heart Surgery into the world of strategic workforce planning and talent management, across a multitude of industries and businesses, an event where you can roll your sleeves up and completely immerse yourself in the day or sit on the side-lines and digest the information as you need. There’s no pressure to get involved but I found myself compelled to, purely because of how interactive and on topic everyone in the room was. Roundtable and panel discussions mixed with keynote speakers and plenty of audience partIcipation, topped with a delicious breakfast of pastries, fruit, tea, coffee and my favourite the grapefruit-juice shots AND an amazing selection of buffet food at the networking lunch AND to top it off a super-smooth Drinks Reception hosted by Towers Watson.  We were all very well looked after! Thumbs up to everyone involved in the co-ordination of the day superb!

An amazing line up for tomorrow is also planned, if you’re not there to see it then stay posted for my blog update.

In the almighty words of one of my favourite quotes:

“You have to be in it to win it” 

I have to admit the event was well worth spending my time on today and I would recommend it to anyone in the HR, Engagement or Executive field looking for like-minded professionals who can really add-value and get your grey matter working!

If you haven’t ever heard about Talent 2012 or any of the other events Osney Media so professionally put together then take a few seconds to have a look If you are in business you can’t afford not to develop your talent, and this conference certainly supports best practise but also gives you the opportunity to meet, discuss and network with the very best in the HR and talent industry but also the most progressive and forward thinking business Executives you will probably ever get together in one room!

So what are you waiting for…

“Get involved! Get your people happy, retained and engaged!”


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