Is it all about the Money or is it tea and thanks we want?

Motivation and Morale Boosts!

I’ve written a lot about boosting morale, so when I came across an article about how there are 9 other things that motivate staff more that money, I thought it only right to share it with you……

I was as interested as anyone to read what these wonderful things could be that would get people excited and give their motivation a boost more than a pay rise or Christmas bonus, after all that would perk up most people, wouldn’t it? Well here you go; this is what would really make us smile in our words:

  1. Praise – Simple, who doesn’t want it? Sometimes just a “Well Done” can put the biggest smile on your face. Even the littlest improvement shouldn’t go unnoticed and it will lead to bigger things.
  2. Lose the Managers – ok that sounds a bit drastic and I don’t suggest you literally get rid of all your management, but how about giving out team projects without a team leader? Having to work as team on an even level, means if you don’t put in the effort you’re not just letting one leader down, you’re letting a whole team down. People will want to work harder to make a success for everyone, it’s definitely worth a try!
  3. Was that your Idea or mine? –  Fact people will try a little harder if it’s to make their own ideas work, so instead of telling someone what to do, why don’t you ask them what they think of something and let the idea grow from there! Sounds a bit mind tricky, but I like it!
  4. The Dreaded Finger of blame! – Another play on words but instead of being critical and pointing out what someone has done wrong ask them “was that the best way to handle the situation? Why not? Do you have any ideas on what could have been done differently?” spin it into a discussion with a positive way forward, after all you can’t change what has already happened but you can learn from your mistakes.
  5. Do you have Team Leaders? – No, well how about getting some! Look within your team, who is a top performer that due their excellence has earnt their place that little higher up the ladder. The others will want to be “the next chosen one” and “the chosen one” will want to stay there…. Voila everyone’s working a bit harder.
  6. Take an employee to lunch – Ok so this may not work if you have a large team, after all we still have a job to do, but if it is possible, why not establish a new policy whereby you simply take an employee to lunch (do a rota so you’re not showing favouritism!). A sandwich please, with a side order of, “I appreciate you!!”
  7. Reward and Recognition – The options are endless here. Mentioning someone in a team meeting for their good work, chocolates for the most achieved that week, badges, trophies even not having to make coffee for the day can motivate. Simple and fun.
  8. Let’s Party – Group activities can make a big difference. Put some things in the diary for the whole year that people can look forward to, it could be a picnic, a birthday party or even a happy hour, it just says “we’re all in this together”
  9. Tell them as it is, Good and Bad! – When things are going great, celebrate it. Let your staff know you are thankful. If things aren’t so good, share that too, hard workers deserve honesty and they will try even harder to turn things around when there is a mutual respect.

So now you know that motivating your team, doesn’t have to break the bank, let’s get those guys boosted.  And if you are an employee, don’t wait for the penny to drop, make these suggestions to your manager , they may just have been waiting for these good ideas and you go straight to the top of the class!

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