Why Hire YOU?

Job markets are tough at the moment…and the good jobs are becoming harder to find and secure.. you need to make your CV stand out! Something that will literally jump out and put you to the top of the interviewers list.

It’s never been more crucial to create a CV that perfectly advertise you and how awesomely amazing you are. Short, sharp and well-presented.

  1. Market yourself…only you really know how fantastic you are, and if you are not good at pointing these things out then speak to you friends and colleagues and ask them to tell you what they think is so awesome about you! An ego boost and a great CV starter all in one!
  2. Tailoring to a tee… Most people have one CV that they send to every job. Also you may say this is
  3. Profile yourself.. and where better to start than your own profile. Don’t use sweeping ‘I’m great’ statements, anyone can do that, really think about why you make a good employee, manager, board member and promote that.  Remember most employers scan CVs in 15 seconds.. if you haven’t already grabbed their attention then the profile is where to do it!
  4. Spell Check, Spell Check, Spell check.. Typos or bad grammar are one of the first turn-offs for anyone reading your CV. This should be something you have spent time on and want to promote your skills, typos and grammar show that you’ve not really focussed on the finer points and really checked what you have collated! Not a good start!
  5. Package up your CV so that it sells you. Make it easy to read, succinct with relevant information (and leave out anything inappropriate such as photos of you on holiday! Yes we’ve seen it all!) Use bullet points and line breaks that make the CV as easy to read as possible. Don’t use Text ‘Speak’ but do show your personality in a professional manner.
  6. Don’t lie on your CV – you will have to support everything on your CV at some point and at interview you want to be focusing on the positive points of your abilities not trying to remember what you have actually put on it! You are fantastic at what you do, why do you need to lie about it! Be 100% honest!
  7. Don’t copy someone else’s CV! Be your own person a true original! By all means use a template to get you started but write the content fresh, really think about what you do and have faith in your abilities. Make sure you are consistent in your writing – if you are writing in the third person make sure you do it throughout.
  8. Don’t use a referee unless you have their permission and they are someone senior enough to give you the right reference.
  9. Before you start sending out your CV – think about your social media profile – all the sits you use or may be quoted on. De-tag yourself from any compromising photos online, deleting any dodgy comments or quotes. If you are not sure you have everything google yourself and reshape your online profile! The last thing you want is to be blacklisted because of something online!
  10. Most importantly Never ever underestimate the power of you. You are amazing and someone who hires you will be adding value and a great individual to their team. Brim with confidence, get out there and make your CV work for you!

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