How to rebrand your ‘Employee’ brand

‘Like’ it or not you are seen as your online profile. It’s often the first thing people will see when they search online to find out a little more about your background and the real you. So before you embark on the business of getting out there and finding your next job, check out what you profile is really saying about you!

Think about the ‘you’ that you really need your employers to see and rebrand yourself to fit the mould.  That doesn’t mean make yourself into someone you aren’t as you will soon be found out when you get to the interview process but you can highlight to good bits and promote the professional you, whilst keeping your personal life exactly that way personal!  New employers don’t need to see you on holiday with your friends, or drunk at the bar or indeed in fancy dress especially if the photos that have been added aren’t from you and you’ve simply been tagged.  These all need to go! Keep your Facebook private and only be friends with those that you know that way you still have a place if you do want to keep all those pictures on file and live with your friends.

Here are some pointers to make sure you rebrand in the most positive way you can to help you get that profile you need to get the job!

  1. Clean up your profile by updating your education and work information. Include your achievements and projects you’ve worked on. Any awards or qualifications you have received and connect with people you feel you need to be connected with to make things happen.
  2. Check your online profile pictures – where possible try and keep the same professional photo across all your sites so that people remember and recognise you straight away
  3. Review your privacy settings, new Facebook features give you better control over what you share and who you share it with – keep personal just that – private and personal.
  4. Un-tag yourself from photos that you wouldn’t want other people seeing. If you want to remove it completely you’ll have to ask the person who has put the photo up in the first place. Keep your image clean.
  5. Get your CV online – your profile on LinkedIn can be your CV but you should also add your CV to the job sites or CV Channels that you want to be seen in. Industry specific sites that you can be found in by the right people. Make sure your details are spot on and spell-checked!!.
  6. Search for yourself online – Google yourself. See what comes up – anything you don’t want people to see get rid of or change to make it more professional.  If you create new content then this will be pushed to the top of the profile and the rest will be pushed downwards.
  7. Get yourself onto the sites that fit with the industry you work in.  Check out online magazines or the publications you see in your offices or at college and set yourself up a profile online.
  8. Keep reading and Google the people in your industry that you emulate to be, those that you look up to and read about what they are doing and the sites they are visiting. By keeping up to date with the market and the key movers and shakers you’ll become more empowered and have more knowledge about the industry you are in or looking to move into.
  9. Blog Blog and Blog again or tweet whatever works, but keep it relevant and up to date. Try becoming a spokesperson for you industry by tweeting your thoughts on particular discussion points that are relevant. Show your personality but no swearing and keep it clean!
  10. Finally embrace the new brand “You” get your professional sites and CV out there – Promote yourself on twitter, Facebook and add all your professional sites onto you CV when you are sending it out. Let the world know how amazing you are!

Have a plan, Know yourself, Stay in the Zone”

Go get them tiger!

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