The power of “WE”

You may shudder when people trot out the old cliché “There’s no “I” in “Team” but maybe by changing “I” to “We” in certain situations makes us feel more confident and perform better. By focusing on the team, you include yourself without putting the focus or extra pressure on yourself and it can be applied to anything! Try using it in your personal life to ease the pressure or achieving work targets by thinking about tasks in terms of a team effort.

Whilst talking ‘team’ heres a few tip to help you shine in a team:

  1. Make a good impression – The most important thing is team spirit.  Be helpful and concise, and not self-obsessed.
  2. You are not an island – Help others to achieve their deadlines too if they’re struggling. It’s a rare quality and your boss and team will appreciate it.
  3. Champion yourself – make sure you shout about the people you have helped out. Champion yourself and point out subtly how you’re going the extra mile for the greater good.
  4. Volunteer to take on new challenges – if you don’t know one else will and there will always be someone else ready to jump in and help so put yourself forward.
  5. Shine at presentations but work with the team – let everyone make their input and then ensure you make sure yours is delivered clearly and confidently and that you really stand out with your team. Always shine through.

A team can accomplish so much more than one person. You can take on bigger challenges, have more to work with and many more talents between you. Just make sure the leader of the team is made clear and that tasks, problems and achievements are shared equally amongst everyone who has contributed into the team.

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