Outsource? Export? Or just Transform your Human Resources?

How Cool  –  How New

How Weird  –  How Unsettling

How Adventurous  –  How Inventive

How Revolutionary

How Trustworthy?  –  How Much?

How will I still keep my job?

…. Just imagine what we can do with that :O)!!!

Every job can be completed outside of your business and still make you a profit by professional service firms or as well currently call them “outsourced” firms and consultancies.

The great thing with outsourcing is you can ‘export’ your ‘non-great’ responsibilities and projects to those who ‘outsourcing’ firms that are great at it and do have the time for it… and do it whilst still holding on to the responsibilities and projects that you are great at, have time for and make you the money!

Drop the word Improve and adopt the word ‘transform’ .. because a good outsource firm should transform the projects you ‘export’ to them after all they are the pros!

But are you prepared to ‘outsource’ ??  To let go of the reigns? To let someone else control? That’s the big question.

Professional service firms are bold, brash, diverse, creative, talented and can produce WOW end results to projects that can then make head way into your business universe!  Leaving you free to really work the projects that can bring in the cash and focus the business and ultimately show your true colours as the rock star you really are in your business!

Professional Services Firms should add value and much much more… creativity, talent and services that you wouldn’t be able to secure otherwise. So if you aren’t already automating processes and looking for ways in which to make life easier for yourself’’… why not outsource?

Your biggest question should be WHO you select to work with… and that my friend is the big question. If you are looking to move your services to an ‘outsider’ you need to make sure they can do exactly (if not more) than they say they can on the tin!

  • Do your home work
  • Check their reputation
  • Check their online profiles
  • Ask around get recommendations
  • Find out why they would be of benefit
  • Find their WOW factor!

You’ll need to decipher those that offer great solutions and awesome services from those that leave their customers less than satisfied or are simply just the same as everyone else making absolutely no difference to your business!

Don’t let the workload get you down, nor let it slip into a black-hole of ‘never getting completed’.

When you have selected the company you want to use make sure you take them seriously, learn from them, work with them and raise the bar, if they do this they do it well, no matter how high your bar is they will always leap over it.

HR IS seriously cool! and your HR Team internally or outsourced should be a rockin’, talent juggling, “WOW” project delivering team of people.  Outsource… let your chosen firm liaise with your internal teams, let them do their work and reap the rewards!

Transform and WOW!

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