Appraisals… What’s not to Like!

When you get the dreaded email to confirm your appraisal is due and the documentation that you are either required to fill out, how do you respond! Most companies will find that unless appraisals are worked effectively and positively most employees will either dread them, or just not really care if they are run or not and take it as a great way of getting away from their desk for an hour or so and some even better a coffee with the boss.

So the best way to view Appraisals is as a tool to really help you to manage and drive the expectations of the employee and ensure they are on the track they want to be on.  Maybe the real problem is the title ‘appraisal’ that is putting people off!!?

If you type Appraisals onto word and check out the synonyms

  • Assessments
  • Considerations
  • Reviews
  • Evaluations
  • Judgements

No wonder not quite the focus we wanted for the time we have to spend with our managers discussing our career and direction within the business… all a little too corporate.

When the appraisal should actually be stimulating, motivating, Inspirational, thought-provoking and encouraging!

But why should they be undertaken in the first place: Every employee wants the answer to two questions:

(1) What do you expect of me? and

(2) How am I doing at meeting your expectations?

We answer the first question, What do you expect of me, at the start of the year when we talk about goals and projects and key job responsibilities. We answer the second question, How am I doing, at performance appraisal time.  So we have an ethical obligation to let people know where they stand. The performance appraisal is the formal, structured process that allows us to meet that responsibility.

They should be run on a regular basis and set in the diary at the beginning of the year with the team so that they are aware of when they will be and can prep for them well in advance.

So if we get the appraisal right … what’s not to like!

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