Do you have your ‘Talent Cloud’ Ready?

With the markets and economic downturn not looking any more positive this year many employers are turning to a more flexible contingent of labour to help them work with a more fluidly in business.

The new emerging model of talent management a model that includes talent-on-demand which places a flexible cloud of talent available for work as and when they are required, to work around the core of workers they already have onsite.

No longer will the market be a fixed resource centre but we can see that more companies are moving towards a flexible contingency teams.  This flexible contingency includes; freelancers, temporary workers, and interim executives all working as ‘contract talent’

Contract talent is expected to be used widely in 2013 as interim talent whilst the economic status is unsteady.

Many of the contract talent agencies out there are now looking at better and more effective ways in which to promote and PR their talent to companies.  Many are looking into online CV Channels that can provide video CV content to view and select your candidates directly online, others are looking at teams of contractors aligned to key companies for SOS periods when they need to be pulled in for key projects or covering.

What’s your “talent cloud“ plan?  How will your business handle the new economy of 2013?

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