Why is it people always assume the worst? Be an Inspiration!

It’s a sad state of the world we live in I guess, but in my line of work I see different people every day and the one thing the majority have in common… they assume the worst.

Whether I’m working with them as an HR Manager or Talent Advisor or simply just connecting with them in work or personal scenarios… they assume the worst.

Do you think ‘we’ as a nation have sub-consciously made the choice to think this way? Or has the world we live in made ‘us’ have to second-guess everything and ultimately assume the worst?  Whatever the reason it is not a healthy mind-set to live in and I’d like (with everyone’s help) to help change it!

To some people, the world today is full of contracts and clauses and hidden agendas, to others it’s full of challenges and adventure and excitement… unfortunately the latter are in the minority.  Which way you decide to look at your day / week / life really is your choice.

Rather than being negative and long for those little issues that you need to raise, or worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet, set yourself free, get a plan of action for what you really want out of life and go for it!

Work is exactly that Work…. Now you can absolutely 110% love what you do, want to do it every day and think of nothing else during each waking moment of your life…If you are in this category then that’s a great thing for you as you don’t see work as work… because you love it so much.

However, if you are in the majority who see work as the thing they have to do to be able to pay there bills, put their kids through private school, get that beauty treatment each week, afford to travel (the list can go on forever!!) then you need to really look at what you do and why you are doing it and make it more positive.  Whether your work is being a mum of three looking after the house and children or CEO of a major corporate company the rules are still the same.  Every aspects of what you do or are about to do has a positive spin on it and EVERY action you take is your choice!.

Look up work in the dictionary and you’ll find a number of examples… one of them this:

“WORK:  Physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something.”

The negative is that it’s an effort… the positive it’s could be an amazing accomplishment, something to tell the grand kids about!

If you really want to make things difficult we can always use the theory of Work and Kinetic Energy that also came up during my research…

No I have no clue what it’s all about either, (even though I thought my physics is pretty good!)  but it does show that the more you research and look into things the more information overload you will achieve. As to the relevance of the information you find, well judging by the above it’s not always what you need!

Look up worker, Working, employment, labour and you’ll find the same amount of examples…and the same amount if not more distractions to what you are actually looking for.

Why am I bleating on about researching this?  Well if nothing else, to prove  point that no matter what you think about your working environment, the people you work with, the teams of clients, suppliers and contacts you have through work, your boss’s and your day-to-day role in the company you work for… how you define your ‘work is entirely your call… If you assume the worst in everything then you become consumed with the negatives rather than forcing out the positives.

It will take training and conviction to keep to this plan and the more negative a person you are the harder it will be but the positive to It is the more negative you are in the first place the more satisfying it will be to achieve this.

Have a plan.

Make sure it includes work, family, friends and yourself.

Make sure you balance your time between the four things, this doesn’t have to be equally balance and you will find that some months you need to commit more time to work others family but make sure you ensure there is something there from all four areas as these are the keys to your happiness and ultimately your positivity.

Every time you come across a scenario where you start to feel negative whether its gossip in the office, unfriendly approaches, opposition to an idea, non-communication, feeling left out.. you name it anything that makes you personally feel like you are assuming the worst in a situation or person, then stop… think about the situation for a split second, Ask yourself why you think you are feeling this way and what will help you be more positive about it. If the answer is simple then use it. If you have to dig deeper then do it.. there is always a reason why things happen and normally the person involved in the situation has a good reason for doing or saying something.

Make your working life a positive one and be able to retire when you are 30, 40, 50 or 100 knowing that you got the most out of being positive and NOT assuming the worst!

So try to assume the best out of every situation.

Just remember… In your working day you will meet or speak to at least one amazing, inspiring person every day… probably without even realising it.  Everyone has an amazing story in them somewhere and most of us live an amazing life whether we know it or not.

Just remember someone, somewhere will give you the honour of being  their inspiration!

Do it justice!

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3 thoughts on “Why is it people always assume the worst? Be an Inspiration!

    1. Finally an article with good insight about this dilema that plagued humans for a long time. It seems since 911 in the US, that people are much more negative about other Americans. They assume the worst about people no matter what the situation is. They do the worst things that they can do in a given situation.

      Its sad. God has not put any effort into changing humans into seeing the best in people. I feel God knew it was a losing battle. People see the worst in people today.

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