Top 10 Selection Methods for Talent Management

In the fight to obtain and assess the right talent there are many ways in which employers chose to assess their potential employees. The top ten most used selection methods are listed below:

  • 70 per cent Competency Based interviews
  • 63 per cent Interviews following contents of CV/ Application Forms
  • 56 per cent Structures interviews (Panel)
  • 49 per cent Tests for Specific Job-Related Skills
  • 43 per cent Telephone Interviews
  • 38 per cent Literacy and/or numeracy tests
  • 35 per cent Personality/Aptitude / Psychometric  Questionnaires
  • 35 per cent Assessment Centres
  • 25 per cent Pre=Application Elimination / Progression Questions
  • 23 per cent General Ability Tests

Employer Branding has become more important this year and many clients have worked with us to look at how best to attract the right talent.

  • Employee Surveys
  • Developing Online Careers Site
  • Introducing / Extending Flexible Working / Home Working
  • Placement Students
  • Graduate Career Fairs
  • Working With Charities
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Introducing Sabbaticals
  • Increasing Apprenticeships Schemes
  • Increasing Use of Internships
  • Sponsoring Students Through University

Along with many other online marketing initiatives that have helped increase their talent pools across the globe.

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