Who says we can’t learn?

Training trends are still a really mixed bag, many companies have called a halt to their training spend.  Employers are choosing very carefully where to spend budgets on learning and talent development.

The most effective and best utilised learning and development practices for this year:

  1. In house Development programmes
  2. Coaching by Line Managers
  3. On-the-job Training
  4. Job Rotation, Secondment and Shadowing
  5. Coaching by external practitioners
  6. Instructor-led Training delivered off–site
  7. Action Learning Sets
  8. Mentoring and Buddying Schemes
  9. Internal Knowledge-sharing events
  10. Formal Education Courses
  11. External Conferences, Workshops and Events
  12. E-Learning

Top Leadership Training consisted of:

  1. Performance Management
  2. Leading and Managing Change
  3. Leading People and People Management
  4. Coaching, Mentoring and Developing Staff
  5. Business and Commercial Acumen
  6. Communication Interpersonal Skills

An average spend of £350 per person for last year (an increase from £250 on the year before) on training spend, with an average of four days training per employee per year.

This year is looking similar to last on the spend side of things but companies are looking to introduce much more internal and on site training to compensate to ensure their teams and leaders are ready for the new year and the new challenges for this year.

If we’ve learnt anything over the past year it is that we cannot stand still as legislation, talent and challenges all change throughout the year. Those who stand still and do not flex with these changes face a grim future. Those that are fluid can keep up to date and on top of business requirements.

(Stats sourced from CIPD Learning and Development and Peoplemanagement.co.uk)

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