Are you motivated at work? If not how can you change it!?

FACT:  According to a UK Survey 2011 – Almost 2 out of 3 people are dissatisfied with their jobs!

Being happy and motivated in your role is important, there’s no doubt that it won’t always be easy, and that you w8on’t have to work hard, and sometimes amazingly hard to get where you want, but if you are happy doing it then you’ll get their quicker and your performance will be much better.

The only person that can help you become happy… is YOU!

Remember work shouldn’t be everything…  Family, social life and relationships outside of work are as important and getting a break for what you do for most of the week is essential to your happiness.  BUT while you are at work… MAKE IT WORTHWHILE!

A few things you can do to inspire yourself:

  1. Focus en route to work on what you need to do today – what you need to do so that you can get out on time, meet friends and enjoy! Focus!
  2. Plan your time – get your to-do-list sorted and work through it, use it to concentrate your time on what’s important.
  3. Know what’s really required – Do you know what is really required of you in your role? If not check, dig out your job spec and ask questions to make sure you know w to be the best at what you do.  
  4. Delegate where possible – as they say there is no I in TEAM, and the team gets things completed quicker and more productively.
  5. Keep perspective – You can only do you best, so if you are, then don’t give yourself any extra pressure.
  6. Break regularly – to give your mind, and body time to recoup – if you can get some sunshine then do, even if that means you go for a walk round the block!  Have a healthy lunch,  if you feel healthy, you’ll have more energy!
  7. Keep your focus on the positives – Don’t get involved in office gossip or negativity and minimise your time with people who do! Life’s too short, focus on the facts not the maybes and the gossip.
  8. Ask for feedback on your performance – If you aren’t aware how you are doing how can you develop?  Ask someone who knows you and can help with your career development, perhaps a mentor?
  9. Always plan tomorrow before you leave – your to do for tomorrow is important, while you are focused and have it in your head. It will save you thinking about it during your relaxing time and give you a clear head in the morning.
  10. Switch off completely when you leave – you already spend so much time at work – you need to ensure any spare time is ‘you’ time – leave work and leave your work head there to!

If all this seems to huge to kick-start at once… then start with the simplest thing you can do.. It takes no time or energy at all and can change your outlook… Just smile:

Smiling makes us attractive

Smiling changes your mood

Smiling lowers your blood pressure

Smiling relieves stress

Smiling helps you stay positive

Smiling is contagious… so share a little

So…If in doubt where you can start… just SMILE it can get you a long way!

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