I Quit!! – Why talent walks

Why does your best talent walk, when you have no clue they are about to???  Well the answer is easy, there are always clues, the question is are you really looking for them?

As a manager or boss you have a hard enough job keeping the team engaged directing them and helping them to develop on a day-to-day basis, as well as getting your own job done! So how frustrating when someone in your team or one of your colleagues resigns, you have to then look at replacing and picking up where they had left off, ensuring there is continuity in the role and the business.

If only you knew they weren’t happy!

Why did they resign? There are many questions you should ask: Is there a particular reason why they have resigned from the company? Understanding why people leave is perhaps the best way to managing attrition rates and ensure when you recruit in the first place you are hiring those that fit you culture and working environment.

Key reason (and there are many) why talent walks

  • Salary! Everyone always thinks it’s about money – but in most cases it’s not!
  • Lack of growth opportunities
  • Headhunted for more money
  • Dissatisfaction with salary (OK there are a few!)
  • Dissatisfaction with job
  • Internal Pay equity – differential between new and old employees
  • Promotional Opportunities
  • Team Cohesion
  • Benefits provided aren’t on-par with competitors
  • Over-Management
  • HR Response to employees
  • Favouritism
  • Communication and Availability of management
  • Workloads are to heavy
  • Work environments and cleanliness
  • Employees feeling their contributions aren’t being recognized.

It’s important as an employer that you ensure you support the key champions in your business and that strengthen your teams as much as possible.  There are many ways in which you can begin to do this:

  1. One-to-one mentoring
  2. Individual / team development
  3. Inspirational leadership
  4. Allowing them to take responsibility for their role.
  5. Knowledge sharing
  6. Investment in supportive tools (technology, back-up support etc…)
  7. Shadowing
  8. Rotational working (allowing everyone to sample each other’s daily responsibilities)
  9. Career path planning
  10. Formal training – competency development

As an employee it’s as much your responsibility to ensure you get the best out of your working day after all: “Work-life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not survived through!” So make sure you:

  1. Chose to be happy at work, if you going thinking you will hate it…guess what you will hate it!
  2. Do something you love every single day
  3. Take charge of your own professional and personal development
  4. Take responsibility of knowing what is happening at work
  5. Ask for feedback frequently
  6. Don’t over commit yourself
  7. Avoid negativity
  8. Practise professional courage – professional conflict
  9. Make friends
  10. If in doubt search for a new job.

Foster and open working relationship with open dialogue to keep feedback flowing.  Don’t wait for yearly appraisals to give feedback!  (Read my blog “Appraisals – What’s not to like?” for more ideas)… and that means employees and the boss… everyone!

Use open questions when speaking to employees: “Hi How are you?” – “How is your project going?”.  If you think there could be an issue or someone may be considering resigning ”Do you have something to tell me?”

My final comment; If you are trying to keep someone working with you who has already resigned, you shouldn’t bother, it’s very unlikely that even if you do convince them to stay that they will be with you any longer than a few months… the reasons for leaving won’t change overnight. You should have read the warning signs and seen the issues before they arose.

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