Go Get’em Tiger!!

Some people are just awesome… they never give up, they are committed and stubborn, they dream about doing or being something.  Some people are simply amazing… they think of no-one else other than others… they put themselves last on the list and they really are amazing.

How can you change, how can you really focus yourself and make something of yourself?   How can you really push yourself and become someone you want to be…

By being real…

By getting focused and thinking outside of your own space and generate your own positive vibes that push you to become someone you know you’ve always been . What your own space is is your own doing… where do you want to be and what you want to make of yourself needs to be thought through first.

Write everything down – what you really want to do with your life. What you will need to get you there… by the time you have written your ideas down you will get a really good feel of really how accessible the new you really is.

Once you have decided on your direction and end result then you can plan how to get there. Exams or training needed, timeframes and costs. Location and abilities also need to be thought through. Pointless wanting to be a lifeguard or surf instructor if you live nowhere near the sea! Or a web designer or social media guru if you don’t own any technology to get you online!

Plan Plan Plan and then go for it.

Know that you will make mistakes, and feel lost at some stage but keep your end goal in view.

Perseverance and commitment will get you there!

If you are determined you will succeed… Go get’em tiger!

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