The Lambretta of HR!


Two wheels to get you places, semi-comfy seat to relax on, Foot boards to steady yourself, lights to show you the way, handle-bars to help your direction…cool funky and altogether retro! Very much like HR! Ok Ok may be not! But in my head it makes sense, seriously… think about it, HR is used to scoot from one issue to another, an on-boarding of a new employee through to the exit of a long-serving member of the team, the pay bench-marking assessments, the annual bonus and retention plans, zipping in and out of everything corporate and policy to make sure its seen as the face of the business, able to promote the employer brand and most importantly communicate to everyone from the board downwards and vice versa..

We are seriously like the Lambretta of the HR world. Read Lambretta’s Official Website and it states “The idea was to produce a cheap form of transport for the working classes immediately after the war”, now I know some of you are chortling to yourselves thinking your HR team look like they have come from the war.. BUT… chortle or not Human Resources, Personnel, HR as you know it was also put together to produce a cost-efficient vehicle for managing and developing employees and maintaining business ideals (immediately after the war, maybe not, but at least we are half way there).

Then you look at the composition of the Lambretta Scooter; Small and zippy, yet big enough to actually get places quickly and effectively, Able to dodge oncoming traffic and negotiate larger vehicles, able to carry people and part of an ongoing retro craze (OK maybe not the last one, I got a little carried away!)

HR… We’ve been around for years, we can still reinvent and rebrand ourselves and we are able to do this all whilst ensuring the businesses we work with remain stylish and corporate cool! Tell me I am wrong :O)

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One thought on “The Lambretta of HR!

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