Keep Calm, Carry On and Get Things Done!


How many times a day do we look at a list of things to do longer than our arm? Or a list that’s rolling around our head waiting to be completed, and that’s before we’ve opened our emails, snail mail, sorted our Facebook friend’s requests and messages, updated your twitter account and checked your online shopping… Laptops, iPhones, blackberry’s, iPad’s, kindle you name it we have access to it. So many things to do and not enough time to do them!! Well it’s now official. We are all obsessed!! For those of us who are looking to change… The key ingredient is to ‘keep calm and carry on… but slower and more focussed:

  1. Embrace the Morning. Contrary to you thoughts that you are NOT a morning person, studies prove that high alertness occurs in the two or three hours after you awake! So pick the most important things to focus on first thing.

  2. Delete Distractions. Email, mobiles, texts, message alerts are all distracting and addictive. Delete them for a period of time – everything on silent will allow you the time to focus and get things done!

  3. Prioritise. Remember you don’t have to be reactive to everything immediately. Prioritise what’s important to be completed today and work through it. Don’t get distracted.

  4. Take a Break. Your concentration will only last for a period of time (everyone’s different) when you feel you need a break, switch off from your PC and go for a walk, even if its just to get a coffee it will give you a breath of fresh air (literally) and more importantly will give your brain and eyes a break and help to reduce your stress levels!

  5. Diarise Your Projects. Try filling your diary with ‘projects to complete’, set times and dates for completion. Rather than writing one huge to do list where you pick the easiest thing to complete first and leave the hardest to last. Your diary could be your time saviour and really get you focussed on what you need to do!

Most importantly don’t put additional stress on yourself with worrying about it, just simply process the information and work through it. Life’s too short for lists and to do’s!

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2 thoughts on “Keep Calm, Carry On and Get Things Done!

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