Who Needs HR?

Human Resources have been with us for centuries, in many guises, but I guess the question that is always asked by business and management is “Do we really need it?

A question that many have asked and it seems that no matter how HR supports the business, their response is always something that is questioned? What’s the ROI on HR these days?, Do we see value?, Can we manage without it? In short… of course you can if you want your business to remain stagnant! If you have enough faith in your abilities to manage staff and be approachable for your teams, to actually speak with you about their concerns or queries! To be the employer of choice and to offer your teams the ability to be able to develop and grow, you have to instigate a level of HR. There are many pro’s to having an HR presence not least to ensure your business is supported and protected!

It’s not if we need it… it’s how we use it that makes all the difference!

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