Training Managers as Mentors

Coaching and mentoring in business can have amazing results.  Training your managers to become internal coaches and mentors can produce breakthroughs in their capacity to meet today’s team challenges and empower others in their work.

  1. If you are looking to create a coaching and mentoring culture?
  2. Do you managers want to be able to delegate more?
  3. Do your managers want to motivate their teams to take greater responsibility in decision-making?
  4. Are you managers challenged by appraisals and performance management issues?

Then training them to coach and mentor could be a step closer to getting better results and empowering them to make a difference.  It’s frequently recognised as a key tool in helping individuals, teams and organisations to improve performance and develop skills.

A few pointers to getting your line managers into coaching mode:

  • Set out a clear case – explain why they should train as coaches
  • Keep it informal – More informal training seems to work best, question and answer based
  • Demystify the process – To ensure they are not overwhelmed by the thought of training to be a coach
  • Focus on what works – Make sure your training is practical, relevant and produces immediate results that managers can use as an example.
  • Build in sustainability – Make it as short as possible, ideally one or two days max with regular group catch up to see how they are getting on and refocus them.
  • Emphasis Success – Highlight success every time the Managers come back together.
  • Coaching is not for everyone – remember and be clear about when to coach and when not to coach. It’s not always right for individuals.

By training your managers internal to become coaches you have the added advantage of internal coaching that will assist all year round rather than one hit coaching sessions that will be more costly and not necessarily as effective.

Why not give it a try and see how much it can turn around Managers ideas of team leadership and individual development.



4 thoughts on “Training Managers as Mentors

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