Psychology of People…Airport Craziness!

So, I’ve recently returned from a trip abroad and managed to get in some serious ‘people-watching’ at the airport…  Airports are officially amazing people watching places; they are like the human equivalent of cattle markets! Everyone siphons through check-in… Some booked online, some not, everyone confused or frustrated … Then they are herded through to security check … After removing our shoes, coats, clothes, jewellery, anything metal (poor guys with metal plates and piercing get caught out every time) and pass through the metal buzzer zone to make sure we are not smuggling anything hideous or illegal (which of course no one will as they know they are being checked!!!). Then when we are through; and after collecting our stuff from the conveyor belt of trays… We redress and regroup and go through to duty free where the peer pressure and allure of the cheap ‘stuff’ makes us spend our already nonexistent cash… The mad thing is…. We love it!

A very clear example of how human beings need discipline, need direction and in most cases follow the crowd! Especially if they are out of their comfort zone! Like cattle herding to the markets, we follow the guys in front, follow the signs, the arrows and look for people to guide us when we are lost. The guys in uniform that look like they know what they are doing and make us feel at home and the people who follow them…  We need it! We need to feel part of something!!

I am sitting on the outskirts of my gate awaiting an already delayed plane and watching how everyone is just standing queuing even though they are going nowhere! They are being told we are delayed  yet still they just stand and wait!! Because that’s what people do, that’s what the people in front of them are doing… so they follow suit!

When we are eventually told we are boarding. 15 mins later they are all knackered and frustrated. But board and take their seats, herding on as quickly as they can and spotting the seats they want, saving rows for friends and family. The relief when they finally sit and relax squashed in but relieved to be there.

Even better is the other end of the journey when we all leave our seats and fight for out suitcases on the conveyor belt very interesting, how people change, so pushy, rude, some are polite, others nervous or completely selfish.  It would be so much easier if everyone relaxed and stepped up when their suitcase came into view.

Psychology of People… interesting to know why certain people behave in certain ways!  Good or bad…. It makes amazing viewing, I love that people do this and quite frankly if they didn’t then who would we watch!



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