Get that New Job – Promote yourself online!


The web is what you make of it… Your profile on the web is just that, exactly what you make of it. You can promote yourself as only you want to be promoted! Having said that how many of us really wants to or even know where to start when talking about ‘me’ and why you should work with ‘me’? Most people loath the thought of it and need others validation to support them.

However, Self-promotion is an art, not a science, the last thing you want is for your friends and colleagues to roll their eyes and wish that you hadn’t even started! Getting it right is an art! Where do you start; a blog, twitter account, Facebook page, your own website, writing comments on other websites? An absolute mine-field of ideas, creativity, techno-babble! First you need to decide what’s right for you. What are you trying to promote? How do you want to be ‘seen’ online? What is it that you want a potential employer to see!?

Blogs can be set up for free (hosted if you want to secure our .com/ etc…) But you don’t need to do this to start with. You can also create whole galleries of images using your blog, along with video content and blog posts. but remember this is selling you as an employee. How do you really want your new employer to see you – not riding a bucking bronco at the last work party covered in beer that’s for sure!

Think of where you are already, Google yourself to check where you come up and make sure you check and de-tag photos on Facebook, YouTube etc…

See our tips for writing your CV and upload it to your blog but more importantly upload useful and interesting projects that promote you and how you work!

This could be your chance to seriously impress… Positive Promotion Rocks!

If you liked this… great… for more useful Blogs read on or check out our page @HRREV or join the HR Revolution 



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