Re-Imagine your Team!


A team won’t make itself… a good team needs to be put together.

  • Teams don’t become effective by accident… create them!
  • Look at your team members – you’ll need a strong leader (s) depending on how big the team
  • Look to your leaders to engage your employees
  • Look at the dynamics of your team – who stands out
  • Assess the team as a whole – use the mix of skills sets to your advantage – more employee engagement
  • Make sure you have the right employees in the right position.
  • Create and stimulate a culture of engagement
  • Your company’s culture is the uniqueness and personality of your company and your teams
  • Develop individual employees in the right jobs – jobs they can excel at
  • Stimulate your teams
  • Give teams what they need to develop – time, budget, tools and more importantly support!

If you have the right people and personalities you can build the teams that you imagine, but don’t be surprised if you need to re-invent and re-imagine what you need. Think outside of the norm.. Focus on the end result and build from there! You’ll be amazed how people can step up to the plate when they know what’s for dinner!




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