What makes a good leader?

Do you relish the thought if building and leading a team or would you rather be given direction?

Do you enjoy the challenge of bringing the best out in people or do you feel you need someone to train you and build your confidence?

Which ever it is you have a versatile ability to fit within any team.

To build a good solid team and ensure you bring the best out of each individual in the team, you HAVE to have the well-rounded leader.  So what makes a good leader? There are so many guidelines and training courses out there but what truly makes a good leader is a concoction of a number of traits and skills; get these right and you are on your way:


  1. Listen listen and listen some more – by hearing what your team / customers are saying you can engage better and really deal with issues and deadlines and have a team that understand what is expected of them. Being able to pull the good ideas from the ‘grapevine’ conversations is an essential skill.
  2. Have respect. The “There is no I in Team” line is cheesy but Oh so true. Give them the respect they deserve and value their input! All for one!
  3. Are clear in their guidelines and direction. The team understand the expectations that have been set, deadlines and outcomes. Project become challenging and exciting instead of the feeling that you are pulling teeth, or in some cases end up working them yourself (not a good trait!)
  4. Are honest with their teams and confident when speaking with them.  Confidence breeds a level of respect and helps to define the trust levels in the team.
  5. Have passion – about their role the business, projects and teams. Passion and enthusiasm is infectious let your teams catch it!
  6. Know their individual team members – By taking the time to get to know your teams you can find out a little more about what makes them tick and use this to further develop them. You team are human beings with emotions, hopes and dreams – find out what they are and you can nurture them more effectively. After all actions speak louder than words!
  7. Focus – on what is best for the business and what is needed by the teams to get the business into the right position. Focussing on opportunities, reviewing failures and learning from them, by celebrating successes, nurturing and developing the team.
  8. Increase productivity and profit – If your team is right, the message is right and the company can back up the expectations, a good leader will constantly try to reduce costs while still achieving targets and goals for the business and always ensure productivity is increased. The ultimate goal to make money!
  9. Communicate! – critical to any good relationship at all levels. Ensuring that consistent messages are given to your teams and backing these messages with direction and guidance means that even in the tough times your teams are focussed and idle gossip is stifled. The biggest reason why teams do not work effectively is bad communication!

I’m sure you have plenty of other reasons why people make good leaders… I’d love to hear them

Being a good leader is fantastic.. but it’s not the be all and end all.. without the teams there would be no need for a leader. Followers are as important in the construction of a good business model without the team to complete the work and undertake the day-to-day responsibilities there would be no business!

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3 thoughts on “What makes a good leader?

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