Keeping Fit whilst at work! Desk-ercise it up!

These days no-one has ‘time’ to do anything – let alone exercise! But there are things you can do to really help you keep fit whilst sitting at your desk:

Firstly make sure your chair and desk ergonomics are correct – this could save you from posture, back ache, listlessness and eye sight issues later on.

Then there are a few things you can do that will help you move whilst you are working (sometimes without realising!)

  • Drink from a smaller glass so that you have to refill it more often

  • Stand whenever you make a phone call

  • Walk round the office to speak to someone instead of emailing

  • Hold your stomach muscles in for the period of time the phone takes to ring before the person you are calling picks up!

  • Stretch your arms above you to elongate your body and stretch your body out.

  • Bum-Cheek Exercise’s – lift your bottom cheeks while you sit in your chair – 10 reps each side.

The best thing about these… no-one will know.

Remember – We were built to move not sit in our chairs all day!

Try it you’ll feel better!

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