Confidence and self-esteem in business!

New Team? New Boss? New environment? Need a helping hand to keep you positive?

Joining a new team or maneuvering in an old team is never easy, but there are some positive decisions you can make to help boost your career and your self-esteem at the same time.

Get the right culture fit

Make sure you’ll feel at home. Before you accept a job offer make sure you’ve seen how the environment works with the staff in the office. If you interview is out of office hours then grab a coffee and sit outside and watch the types of people who enter the building. If you are someone who prefers to work in a pin-stripe suit and shiny shoes and everyone’s turning up in slouches and trainers then you’ll know it may not be for you and visa versa. Same rule applies where the office is majority male or female, if you have an issue with it.. then maybe it’s not the job for you?

Prepare Always!

If you have ideas, if you really want to put yourself forward in meeting, speaking up when no one else is. Prepare. If you’ve prepped and you know exactly what you want to say then you will come across so much more confidently. If you are interrupted make sure you are allowed to finish by asking politely” Do you mind if I finish my point?” and you won’t be drowned out by anyone. The more prepared you are the more confident you will be – without trying!


Find a Mentor

By asking someone you respect and admire, to mentor you can also boost your self-esteem at work. It’s flattering for them and the confidence-boosting advice they can help you with is priceless.  Experience is invaluable!

Politics – Avoid them in the office as much as possible

Office gossip, Politics, clicky group conversations – avoid them like the plague! For the sake of your sanity and your career. backstabbing and idle gossip doesn’t help anyone and the last thing you need is to be dragged into something you are really not meant to, only to be used as the scape-goat! Don’t let the negativity drag you down with it focus on the positives of building and driving your career by getting to know your colleagues and building bridges in the business.

Find your Frenemies! 

By finding out who to trust and who not to you can also avoid unnecessary wasted time and energy. Frenemies are exactly as they sound friends that are in fact enemies. Those people who make friends purely to stir problems in the office, or gossip. It’s important to know who they are so that you can deal with them, but equally as important to let them think they are your friends. No need to be unprofessional, just be polite and smile and then focus on your responsibilities.

Successful Business Socialising

By ensuring you are in the right pace at the right time you’ll find out what you need to, to help be involved with the office and project decisions.  Sometimes you will find that the decisions are all made on a Friday evening when the team get together.  If you don’t attend those get together ‘s you are soon going to be out of the loop. It does vary from job to job sometimes it can be the smoking area, the bar, the coffee shop around the water fountain. Generally speaking going for drinks now and then reinforces you’re social and will help you bond with the team.

Ultimately your confidence is boosted by you! Your great at what you do… and make sure you tell yourself something positive like that everyday!

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5 thoughts on “Confidence and self-esteem in business!

  1. Good day! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing it on !

  2. Nice simple ideas!

    I also like the “Touch It Once” thought that Damian Henri mentioned!
    My aim in GT (my app business) is to balance the fine line between 1. getting stressed from over-trying to be more productive and 2. relaxing too much during sessions of creative thought!

    I wrote a simple app called WIDY – What I Did Yesterday.

    It’s not a diary, sales pipeline or scheduler. You just enter your list of achievements or completed tasks for yesterday (thats it!).
    I look back at this from time to time, as I sometimes forget about the work I have completed or goals kicked.
    So it helps me to fight the “I did nothing this week and achieved very little” demons. I actually find it’s a confidence-booster at work. I just tap it in when I’m on a coffee break, easy… that’s if I can remember what I did yesterday!

    It anyone’s interested I can put the WIDY app up on the markets as a freeby.


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