Love them or Lose Them to the Competition


Hiring good people is hard enough, getting them to stay is another challenge altogether!

  1. How do you get your teams focused and working on the projects you need them to be, when you don’t have the time to get your own work completed.. there’s not enough time in the day!
  2. How do you give them the time they need whilst setting your expectations and allowing them to train AND making sure they are challenged and committed enough not to leave you?
  3. Once you have your champions how do you make sure they aren’t poached by the competition?

All questions I am asked on a regular basis and I say the same thing to all… Know what you need them to do and how the business needs to perform and communicate it with your team… rules and regulations are necessary in most businesses but at the end of the day if you had to choose what would you keep.. the rules … or … the people?

Stop guessing or assuming what your champions need to stay put int he business and be happy, communicate with them? Ask them? Set aside time and ask them. During an appraisal, an informal chat, a team briefing, not everyone’s the same and surprisingly not everyone is after money or promotion!

Get to the bottom of things – find out what makes them tick!

  • Set yourself a target of speaking with your team individually at least once a month (and this is even more important if you work remotely from them or just don’t get time, make it a habit and get the ball rolling!)
  • If you have a high churn of staff – look at those that have left and why/how they left.  Is there anything you can do to change or influence the way in which things have happened so that they don’t repeat themselves?
  • Remember over 50% of work satisfaction is determined by the relationship between staff and immediate bosses (not just money!)
  • Get your Managers working with the teams and communicating and you are half way there.
  • Do you know the key talents of your individual team members? Can  you utilise these better in the business? By separately setting expectations and giving staff their own responsibilities, you would be surprised at how engaged your staff can become.
  • Everyone deserves praise for a good job completed and respect for a tough situation handled. Don’t be afraid to offer these genuinely and when they have appropriate. Don’t just praise to keep them happy as this will soon be found out!
  • Enrich and energize everyday… if you aren’t up for it.. then how do you expect your team to be?

I could go on there are hundreds of ways in which you can work to develop your relationship with your teams and their commitment, productivity and happiness in the business.

Expect other companies to try to poach your teams, talk to them about the fact that they may be poached but also work hard to maintain a challenging and rewarding environment to keep hold of them.

Love or you will risk losing them to the competition!!!

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