Build your business around YOUR people

One of the big questions I am regularly asked is…. When it comes to HR what should business’ manifestos be these days? Should you really have to look after staff? Even if they are not performing? If you don’t – how does this impact the business and your on-going relationships with clients, the rest of your teams and the growth of the business?

Personally I’ve worked for businesses that are not interested in their staff; they purely employ bodies that get the job done at a price BUT whether we like it or not our business success is connected with the relationships we have with staff, managers and clients alike connecting with our people is the most important thing we can do.  You must build your business around people – If your business strategy isn’t built around a people strategy, you are on your way out of business. Liberate creativity – Let them sing and dance and care about their work – if they are involved then they will want to succeed. Create a positive working environment – Let’s finally make work about results instead of clock watching.

Be real – take the time to understand what’s working and what’s not.

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