Communication Part One – How can good Communication help?

Ask anyone who is successful with relationships (in any walk of life) – What is it that they do/have that helps them become successful in business?  You will find they all have similar traits and one of those is that they all good at communicating – with their Board members and management teams, their staff, suppliers and customers.

The right communication is such a positive thing for your business and two-way communication will enhance and help build your relationships.  Two-way communication involves management talking to employees, listening to responses and taking action in relation to those responses. Good two-way communication can help to build the relationship with your employees; helping them to feel valued, motivated and effective and part of the corporate vision.

  • If you don’t communicate with your employees then who will?
  • How can you expect them to do their jobs if they are not directed?
  • How can they champion the right ways of doing things if they are not shown?
  • How can they radiate your company’s ethos and vision if they don’t know what it is?
  • How do you communicate to them if they are working as remote teams?

How indeed? By implementing a communication plan. Your communication plan should help to create a corporate personality or identity which should include a set of corporate values or a stated mission – ‘an employer brand’ – which employees as well as customers will recognise and relate to.

If you get it right there are plenty of benefits:

  • Employees’ skills and knowledge can be better used, leading to higher productivity
  • Employees feel more valued, so they are more likely to stay and to contribute more
  • The business gains a positive reputation, making it easier to recruit good employees
  • Conflict is reduced and co-operation between employer and employee is based on interdependence.
  • Employees benefit from having more influence over their work and higher job satisfaction
  • Employees gain more opportunity to develop skills and retain job security

Ultimately the business benefits from an engaged, motivated and committed “team” that will radiate their positive vibes internally to their colleagues, peers and management and externally to customers and suppliers.

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