Communication Part Two – Why do we need to communicate?

In times of rapid change managers and employees frequently hold contrasting opinions about what is going on.

Two-way communication, formal and informal, is essential as a form of reality check and a basis for building mutual trust.  Employee motivation, satisfaction and commitment all have critical influences on
business performance.  By communicating you are incorporating your business with the people who you have recruited to drive and develop it.

By getting your communication right you are:

  • Giving individuals opportunities to feed information upwards
  • Keeping your teams feel well-informed about what is happening in the business and how they can be part of its success

Ultimately; You will promote better performance, employee retention and positive emotions
towards work.

Poor communication, on the other hand, acts as a barrier to employee engagement and can often de-motivate and ‘un-do’ any of the positive actions you have in place in the first place.

How can you ensure you combat the negatives?

By initiating a good communications plan for the business to ensure all staff know how to become part of the business and what is expected of them, also to ensure you are keeping them up –to-date with direction and changes (positive and negative) within the business.

If employees feel involved then they will respond more positively.

Obviously there is a fine line between what you should be telling them, but employees need to be aware of is what impacts them and the business so that they can work with you to drive your business and service offerings forward.

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