Communication Part Three – Checklist for your Communications Review & Launch

Checklist for your Communications Review & Launch

Use this guide as an initial framework to help launch you internal communications plans

List the corporate communications you already use Policies, Online Social Media, Website, Intranet System, Publications etc…

Write a vision / mission statement for your business that includes your business values and ethos?  If you don’t know what your values are – Why not?  What does the business stand for? What do you want your employees to emulate?

List the ‘legal’ communications you need for your industry/business. HR Policies and Procedures,  Health & Safety, Security Regulations, Industry specific Regulations and Policies.

Collate a plan of what  you would like to include in you communications launch New internal branding, new policies & Procedures, updates on new issues and positives initiatives that you will be launching.

Decide how you would like to launch your communications to the business. Company Briefing, Newsletter, Website updates, Company Events etc…

Set your timeframes for when you want to kick off the launch Ensure you leave enough time to
collate, redesign, recompile and plan your launch. You have one shot at getting this right. Plan for 2 months as a minimum.

Review your HR Policies & Procedures. What  exactly does an employee get and what’s expected of the Opportunities for training and development / promotion, Remuneration & Benefits packages Explained

Review your Appraisals and feedback – Feedback on performance, Recognition for innovation or new ideas  How do your performance management practises hold up?  Do you run an appraisal process? How affective and informative is it?

Reward & Recognition – Communicate the benefits and investment the business has made in each
can easily see how this adds up?  Something they can have access to their own personal information?

Review your Hiring Process
– Do you promote your employer brand? How do you interview? Shortlist? Select and Induct new employees? Build your reputation as an employer of choice and positively promote your business.

Publicise Training & Development programs – to include mentoring and job shadowing opportunities You don’t need to have a huge training budget to bring in training and development that will bond and grow employees.  Tell them about it!

Review how social media is used internally Social Media needs to be embraced and can assist in the development of your brand and the team feel – build it in for launch and regular use.

Gain Input from your employees – Ensure you engage hearts and minds. Yep talk to the people you want to communicate with – their input & buy-in is critical to positive launch

Ensure your management / senior teams Champion the launch and back it 100% Without the backing of the management / senior teams your launch will not maintain it momentum. Employees need to be comfortable that this is a positive initiative.

Launch the Communication framework To managers first obtain commitment from the top  first, then the teams.

Most of all – make it positive and fun – give your personal vibe!

Create an employer brand that employees can relate with and the business can build on!

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