Communication Part Four – Take this project on In-house or use a consultancy?

So now you have details of what good communication can do for your business and how to implement a Communications plan, along with your checklist of what to include.  How do you actually go about it all and do you have the time to take this project on?

  • Many larger employers are happy to undertake their own communications launch, not least because it is
    likely to be cheaper. But consultancy support may be useful for a number of reasons:
  • You and your business partners may not have the adequate time or expertise in-house
  • An external consultancy can draw on benchmarking data from other organisations
  • An external consultancy enhances the credibility of the communication lines and content
  • An external consultancy reassures employees that the exercise is confidential and unbiased
  • An external consultancy has access to best practice in communications design
  • If your external consultancy also looks after your HR then the face of HR is really seen as a positive one in the business which in turn pushes the effectiveness with employees
  • Management are seen as instigating a positive imitative for all employees and can focus on their day-to-day responsibilities until the communications are ready to launch!

Some of the issues raised by a launch may have ‘political’ significance and can cause discomfort to one part of the business or another. Communications feedback and findings may have more credibility if they are produced with the assistance of an outside supplier.

How can HRREV Help

HR Revolution can assist with the planning, construction and launch of your Communications Program.  We can also assist in the follow-up and re-launch of critical needs and ensure employer and employee expectations are met.

We can develop a plan that will ensure you are an employer of choice and incorporate everything from attracting, hiring, managing and developing your teams so that they are aware of your employer brand, mission statement and values.  We can do all this AND ensure your teams have fun and adopt your company ethos.

Why not give us a call or drop us a line for a quote.

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