Guide to Interviewing – Part One – Preparing for your Interview

Once you have been successfully selected to interview stage you’ll need to think about how to tackle the interview.  The more prepared you are the more confident you will be.

Preparation – Who are you?

  • Think about your skills, competencies, qualifications and experience.
  • What are you really looking for from your next role?
  • Get yourself physically ready – Make sure you look the part – shiny shoes? Smart and appropriate dress for the role? clean-shaven? tidy hair? Do you look your best? If you do then you will feel and act positively as well!

How are you perceived?

  • Talk to friendly colleagues, present or recent, about their view of you as a team member, your strengths and ask their opinion of your CV as it shows these.
  • Think about how people really see you and how you would like to be perceived?

What is your objective?

  • What job function(s) can and should you do and in what sector or environment?
  • Try and get some advice from this perspective as well.
  • Getting the interview is not the objective, just the beginning of the journey

Who are your targets?

Once you have been offered an interview, what do you need to know about the company?  Products, size, locations, style, reputation both as employers and suppliers, and the sort of job they would have for you.

Before the interview itself read the rest of this guide, so you strengthen your
good signals and curb the weak ones.

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