Guide to Interviewing – Part Four – On the Interview Day – How to ’knock ‘em dead’!

First impressions count

Are you well-groomed with tidy hair, shoes and clothing?

Practice a good positive handshake, not too firm, not too weak.

 Make sure you’re in appropriate dress

Are you well dressed, in a way that follows conventions in this job sector, at the conservative end of your own range? Dress in a way, which is in keeping with the culture you are in and the job for which you are being interviewed.  If necessary find out what the accepted standards are beforehand.

 Keep good time

Plan a reliable way of getting there which allows you to be a few minutes early (not too late or too early and probably not on time because this means late when you’ve been delayed in reception or walking round their buildings).

Before you meet your interviewer

Recheck your paperwork and your “script” i.e. the smile, the first words “Hello, I’m John Smith, nice to meet you”.

Be polite to support staff you meet as they count too and they may influence a decision in your favour.

The actual Interview

Try not to monopolise the meeting – let your interviewer talk. Ask how the job contributes to the success, efficiency and profitability of the organisation.  Try to show, that you have done some research, but try to avoid too much self-opinion.

Never smoke, and it is probably safer not to accept tea or coffee as it can get in the way.

If you have papers with you, put them in a suitable case or folder.

Keep your replies simple.  Offer positive information – don’t give bad news unasked and do not harp on problems or criticise previous.

Close of the interview

Before you leave there are some main points that you must have put across.  Make sure the employer knows the benefits of employing you and if there is time, ask them if there us anything more they need to know about you.

Follow Up

After the interview we will generally give you a call to find out how everything went, how you felt about the position and if there were any things that you forgot to ask and would like to know.  We will also contact the client to find out how they felt about you and any general feedback they have.  This information doesn’t always come immediately and it is very likely that a second interview will be asked for if
they are pleased with you.  We will not leave you in the dark and any information we get from the client will always come straight back to you in full.

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