Guide to Interviewing – Part Five – What will your Interviewer want to know? – Be ready!

By rehearsing interview questions, you’ll become more familiar with your own qualifications and will be well prepared to demonstrate how you can benefit an employer. To help you we have listed below 5 types of questions that you may be asked at interview.

Current Environment – What you like/dislike about it & why you’re leaving

They will expect you to dislike some of the ways in which your current company and/or environment is run, but be aware of negative conversations.

Aspiration and ambitions are always a very good reason for moving.

Technical Skills – How strongly they relate to the role at hand?

Have you got a good understanding of the role you are applying for and the technical skills required. They will not necessarily need you to know ‘all’ of these skills but to have good grounding in most.

One thing to remember – technical skills can be trained – personality and ‘the right fit’ is something that you either are or you are not.

Be positive about everything, if there is a technical skill you do not possess, let them know that you will happily cross-train and learn.  Be honest about your skills? You will be expected to act on them later.

Key to remember, you may well be the best at a particular skill in your current company, but that doesn’t mean you will be in this one. There is always a learning curve – don’t over sell yourself.

Interpersonal Skills – Are you a team player, will you make the difference?  

Do you liaise directly with the users to resolve problems? Are you happy dealing and talking to others?

How do you work as part of a team? Can you work on projects? Can you organise and monitor your own time – or do you need managing?

Aspiration and Ambition – Where do you want to be in the next few years? 

Make sure you are fully aware of the potential within the company you are applying to. It won’t make  sense asking to be a director within 3 years if the only options for you are senior operator!  Be positive. They will want to hire for the long-term and want to know that their investment into your training &
development will be worth it!

The Final Details – Location and salary expectations 

Are you able to commute easily to and from work from where you live?

Are you flexible with regards to working time – i.e. not a clock-watcher?  If you are applying for a shift job – are you aware of the hours that are required?

What is your current salary – remember include any benefits you may have you must be able to justify these if asked, so try not to exaggerate.

What will you need to move to this job – be realistic, everyone wants to earn 10k more than they currently do, but it may not be a realistic figure and you will waste everyone’s time – including your own.

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