Guide to Interviewing – Part Seven – Questions for you to ask – Find out all you

At most interviews, you will be invited to ask questions of your interviewer.  This is an important opportunity for you to learn more about the employer, and for the interviewer to further evaluate you as a job candidate.  It requires some advance preparation on your part.

Here are some guidelines for asking questions:

Prepare five questions

  • Understanding that you may not have time to ask them all.  Ask questions concerning the job, the company, and the industry or profession.
  • Your questions should indicate your interest in these subjects and that you have read and thought about them.  For example, you might start, “I read in Business Week that…I wonder if that factor is going to have an impact on your business.”

Don’t ask questions that raise warning flags

  • For example, asking, “would I really have to work weekends?” implies that you are not available for weekend assignments.  If you are available, rephrase your question.
  • Avoid initiating questions about compensation (pay, vacations, etc) or tuition reimbursements.  You might seem more interested in pay checks or time-off than the actual job.

Don’t ask questions about only one topic

  • People who ask about only one topic are often perceived as one-dimensional and not good candidate’s. Think about your questions and vary them, ensure you get the best out of the answers you get from your interviewer.


  • It’s K to ask a question to clarify something the interviewer said.  Just make sure you are listening.
  • Asking someone to clarify a specific point makes sense.
  • Asking someone to re-explain an entire subject gives the impression that you have
    problems listening or comprehending.  For example, you can preface a clarify question by saying: “You mentioned that ABC Company does (blank)…Can you tell me that works in practise?

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