Guide to Interviewing – Part Eight – Interview Do’s


  • Do your homework & Plan your timetable
  • Arrive in sufficient time & Come well prepared
  • Dress appropriately – smart & well presented
  • Make a good, confident entrance & Make eye contact
  • Smile & Shake hands firmly
  • Respect normal courtesies
  • Behave appropriately for the situation
  • Be natural, smile & nod responsively when appropriately
  • Listen carefully, attentively & actively to what they are asking & saying
  • Ensure you get your fair share of “air time”, at least half
  • Speak clearly & loudly enough to be heard
  • Be self-assured but not cocky
  • Be honest & truthful
  • Temper enthusiasm with dignity
  • Be factual about your achievements & do not denigrate yourself
  • Stay warm & friendly when under attack
  • Only volunteer positive information about yourself & answer questions in a positive manner
  • Tell them what sort of work you enjoy & why & the  benefits this has for them, your job performance and
    the people with whom you work
  • Tell them about any skills you have which are not essential in terms of the job but can be desirable &
    advantageous to the team or company.
  • Talk about the challenges the work offers.
  • Keep highlighting your relevant experiences, achievements & contributions to other organisations.
  • Usually interpret their silences as a request for you to continue.
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