My Own Start Up Story


HR Revolution started as an idea  – a creation – morphed from a previous company that I had founded and successfully sold as a management buy-out.  I wanted to come up with something new, something revolutionary!! Something with such a positive vibe about it that it would shake up the world of ‘people’ and really make a difference. Something I could throw my energy and passion into!

Time to create…  So I got to grips with writing a business plan and assembling my team, positive people with positive vibes that could help me turn the world of Human Resources on its head!  I set to work creating the sort of company that I would want to work with if I owned an entrepreneurial thinking business.  With a lot of late nights and early 6am starts, conference calls and coffee I finally got there. In January 2011 HR Revolution was created.  From the very start it was all about the solution, the service, making sure the look and feel of HRREV was just right, making it feel fresh, vibrant and positive – something that would blow the cobwebs off the stuffy world of HR and Talent Management – no more scare-mongering about what could happen if you don’t have policies and policing and all about the amazing things that do happen if you do focus on engaging passion and responsibility.  Policies and policing should of course be in place and are absolutely needed to ensure your business works, but put them in place and focus on the positives, the things that really make your business and your people tick!  It’s amazing what happens when you focus on setting the right culture and environment, hiring and training the right team with the right attitudes and giving a more forward thinking approach to how you manage your business.

Setting up and Managing a business is tough enough, without the support and team you need in place to help it will only get harder.  Those that have supported me and the HR Revolution from the very beginning have been the strength I’ve needed to push through those long hours and come out the other side with a smile on my face, knowing that we have such an amazing opportunity to help entrepreneurial businesses – large and small – set up in the UK and flourish is what drives us on.

Why am I telling you this, and why have we put together this Start Up Pack?? Well I wish I had one place to go where I could have found all the answers, or at least an outline to give me a kick-start and so I figured this pack would be useful as a support document, whether you decide to use the services of HRREV or not, it’s my gift to you, something that will hopefully help you with some of the answers you need when setting up in the UK.  This along with free consultative services we have built in to assist when you have queries… No catch, just information, and if you like what you read we’d love to see how we can help, so get in touch!

The HR Revolution is now not all about my ideas… it’s about my amazing team, their experience and insight into business and their passion for what makes people and businesses tick! What makes them different?? Everyone on the team has either built up and run their own business or worked for start-ups in the past so has a complete understanding of the day to day issues and corporate struggles, whether they are assisting in your hiring projects or inducting, training or working through your internal branding every project will include their unique ideas, passion and energy for what they do!

What we do is amazing, and we bring a little fun and good humour with us for good measure!  Life’s too short to sit around, let’s get you up running and making money so that you can enjoy it!

I really hope this pack is useful and we’d love to hear from you!

Wendy Read

Founder & Managing Partner, HR Revolution


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