Every day should be a sunshine day!



Have you ever noticed how much nicer people are to each other when the sun is shining, much more positive, more energy and general zest for life!! Why can’t we be like this all the time I hear you ask? People would be happier in general, teams would work much better together and everyone would be pulling together to get things done.

So how do we make every day a sunshine day??

There are many ways in which we can really help our teams become engaged in what they are doing, allow them to achieve and in turn become motivated to really make something of themselves with in your business and the industry you are in.

When we feel valued, our engagement and productivity levels rise, and we are motivated to do our jobs better… the sunshine effect!

Use these top 5 ways to help add a little sunshine:

  1. What do you think? – It’s proven that employees feel valued when you appreciate both their contribution and their opinion.  Ask them what they think? Use you project planning to help with this.
  2. Show your appreciation – Employees respond amazingly well when they know their hard work is appreciated. Train your team to know what you love and how they can do a great job!
  3. What comes next Boss?– Keep your team informed, help them to see the goals and vision of the business and where they fit in – It’s a proven fact that employees perform better if they know where they are heading! Use your appraisal process to also help with this.
  4. Toast Success – It’s what you are aiming for in your business – Success! So when you have wins, no matter how small, toast them! Use weekly or monthly team meeting to really toast successes openly with the business.
  5. Remember to say Thank You – It goes a long way and it won’t cost you a penny! Just make sure you do it with a smile!

There are hundreds of ways you can help improve your teams focus and really build a cohesive team that really gets an amazing job done! Do it with a smile and give every day a little sunshine!

I’d love to hear you comments on how you have made a difference in a business, or what helps you engage your teams so please get in touch. @Trendoss11 @hrrev or comment below.



One thought on “Every day should be a sunshine day!

  1. Thank you for sharing your blog with us on twitter, this is a very interesting piece! It discusses something we’ve been focusing on at Investors in People too recently; we want to send out the message that trying to make every day a ‘sunshine day’ can have the best impact on employee engagement, and it doesn’t have to cost you the earth if it’s done correctly. In fact, sometimes, the cheaper (or even free!) options can be the most effective.

    Here is what we think, we hope you find this interesting: http://bit.ly/1gZAVeY – Please tweet us your thoughts @IIPTweets

    Thank you,


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