Keeping the boat moving should be your #1 priority

Recently we have been involved with a number of strategy and planning sessions to look at how we can best build our business and what we need to enable us to achieve the goals we have set ourselves and every direction we moved in we realised….

It really is all about the people….your people!

Your people can really be the make or break angle of your business. Clearly you need a strong business model, a great product or service, a clear direction and scalable revenue but you really can’t grow and be expected to deliver your solutions without people.

Its the Age old business dilemma… Hiring staff is great if they are engaged, committed and help you deliver the solutions that drive the growth of the business forward BUT hiring the wrong people can have the complete opposite approach and potentially ruined your business!

So I thought I would give you a piece of advice, this advice is something that was given to me by a very well respected mentor of mine…

Treat your business like a boat, your people are needed to run the business like an engine.. Fuel, service and repair them to keep them going. Make sure the boat keeps on moving forward, if doesn’t then its not essential. If it does then keep pushing!

“Focus on what keeps your boat moving!”

Simple when you know how, right?

My dilemma was knowing what was working and what wasn’t.. what was really keeping the boat moving!

NOW My overriding thought when I have a list of ‘to dos’ is to pick those things that keep the boat moving to do first. Once you have mastered this you need to train your people to do the same. Everything they do should be to enable the business to keep moving.

I’ve been discussing with a number of people this week how they keep things moving and had some really inspirational comments .. It seems business owners everywhere have the same problem! Using the boat scenario really does help you put your mind in the right place and helps move your business forward by focusing just on what works!

Next time you are stuck or feel overwhelmed with the level of projects you have why don’t you try it!



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