‘Deal doers’ VS the real deal

Check out this blog… I think Emily has hit the nail on the head! :O) Bad Recruiters beware… We’re out to Revolutionise you!

The HR Blog

Why people don’t like recruiters? At all. Not even a little bit. But what about when they… Nope, not even then. 

This dislike towards recruiters stems from a special breed of recruiter – the notorious s#!t talking, deal doers. It is no wonder recruiters share a likeness to car salesmen and real-estate agents. So why is it that most recruiters exude annoyance? Is it because they sell their souls for money and will do anything for a quick buck? Yeah ok, it’s definitely a contributor. But personally I think it comes down to one thing… They don’t care!!! And not as in ‘don’t care much’… they don’t care at all.

Before I get stuck into this I need you to know that when I say most recruiters, I mean most recruiters, not all of them. Also, I have run with the word ‘most’ rather than ‘some’ due to the sheer…

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