Team fairness is the key to success


Your people are what makes the business tick, treating them all fairly is how you will ensure they create their own success and help to build your business from the inside out.  Fairness doesn’t mean easy, managing your team is as much about coaching them and helping them to grow as it is about managing their results and assessing their progress. For those that aren’t hitting their targets or achieving the weekly / monthly goals you need to ensure you are managing them effectively

Be visible with your measuring; if the team can see what each other’s goals and targets are then they know that everyone is being managed fairly, that they all have expectations on them to achieve. Write them on a white board, type them up on a spreadsheet that is emailed weekly for all to see, display them on a screen in the office for all to see. However you decide works best for you, make sure is visible by all and accessible for review by all so that they can all see how they are doing.

For those that are making the grade and achieving, make sure you praise them, don’t expect them to know that you are happy with them, that the results they are bringing in are good tell them and mix up how you do this; in front of the team and one to one sessions are both good ways of expressing how you feel.  Encourage them to mentor others in the business that may not be as successful, champion them across the business, but not in negative way, don’t allow jealousy to creep in, use the situation in a positive way to show those that are struggling the direction they should be going (and celebrate when they do!)

For those who aren’t meeting their targets, then you need to coach them on the areas they are struggling, find out why they aren’t delivering, you owe it them as your employees to help them to succeed and to your team to manage them effectively so that if they still cannot help them and they are unable to learn and grow then you manage them out of the business. All jobs in your business are important, you cannot have anyone join who does not reach the level of expectation that you set them, otherwise your expertise, attitudes and business culture will change with them.

Remember your teams achievements are as much about how they are managed as they are about their abilities and aptitudes to want to succeed, combine the two and you have a winning formula for all roles, at all levels in your business.

Continually celebrate successes and manage out negativity and you are on to a winner!


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