What if your employees came with a label…


We all know as business owners, managers, coaches and trainers that the one thing we would love to have when someone new joins the business is to know exactly how they tick, what makes them the people they are, when their peak times are, when the best time for them to learn, how they work under pressure, how they like their work environment to be, how to best manage them, how they perceive management, training or anything related to their career development. What really gets them excited and motivated to be the best they can at their job.

How great would it be if everyone had a label, an explanation of their traits, their personality, their character, how they work and how they are as individuals.

of course we can’t do that and in this day and age its totally open to opinion how best to find out what our employers need and how best to work together as a team and get the job done!

That’s where the psychology side of HR comes in

  • Everyone has their own special character and that’s what makes the business world tick and its not rocket science! Its simple people skills.
  • By ensuring you are communicating with your employees (new and old) you will find out more than any other angle of training or assessment.
  • If you don’t have the luxury of seeing your employees on a regular basis, then make time to floor walk and find the time the chat.  In the lift, at the coffee machine, at reception, in morning meetings, during team events… there’s plenty of time and places to make an impact.
  • If you run a global business, which makes it impossible to floor walk across all your offices, then there’s always Skype!

Labels could be:

  • Handle with care – lacking confidence – fantastic but slow learner.
  • Amazing delivery levels once training has been practised a few times.
  • Loves reassurance – Build them into an office with the team
  • Egotistical but with an amazing ability to get the job done.
  • Great at sales, fantastic in short bursts
  • Really good team player when welcomed into the group
  • Give them their own office they’ll work amazingly well in any sales role
  • Methodical plodded with a fantastic memory for facts and figures
  • Not a great people person, find an office with like-minded people and headphones!

You get the picture…

Hearing your employees voices and understanding their needs is essential.. listening and delivering on their needs is a no-brainer…by really getting to know what makes them tick, and, if they had them, what their labels would be will help you work with each employee in their own way, with their own needs.

Makes GREAT business sense…


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