Time to re-invent your Utopia


It’s all very well having the eureka moment when you decide today is the day I’m going to go for it and open a business of my very own! The planning, the designs and creativity, the energy that goes into building your plan, defining how it compiles and then launching the utopia that comes in the form of your very own business… but what happens when your dream has been born, your business is opened and ticking over and you have worked so many hours that you are exhausted…. what happens then? How do you get the passion, the feeling, the drive back to reply keep you pushing for the ultimate dream, a truly successful business that generates enough profit that you can enjoy your work and focus purely on running your business rather than the hamster wheel feeling f always trying to get there…

How do you handle the burn-out, the exhaustion and refocus back to what really matters?

You are an important (if not THE IMPORTANT) part of your business, you are the person your team look up to, to really make things happen, to show them the direction, your business came from your idea, your passion and your creation… how do you re-invent your utopia?

We are told constantly about how we need to ensure our employees are motivated, engaged and connected with the business, that they have drive to deliver, that we are paying them enough and have the right bonuses in place when they do.. yet when we start out part of being an entrepreneur, a business owner is that we probably won’t get paid for the first year! Doesn’t quite seem right to me, but that’s what we need to do to get things moving, the rewards come when the business grows and your imagination, your passion strives on through to deliver the profits and growth that you had always imagined.. but you have to ensure you motivate yourself… that you give yourself milestones to achieve. Its more important than anything.

There are so many ways in which we can re-motivate ourselves to refocus on the things that are important – those things that helped you get excited about the your very own utopia, your business. I’ve listed a few to get you started:

  1. Take yourself back to where you originally started – your original ideas, your original purpose. What made you tick so much then, why were you more passionate then than you are now? What ever it is, that’s what you need to re-ignite your passion for your business now.
  2. Get that fire back into your belly – that sparkle back into your eyes, think of all the things you have already achieved list them down if its easier, build the list over a few days, weeks, months and quietly congratulate yourself on just how well you’ve done and know that this is simply the beginning, your journey and the journey that you take your business on has only just begun.
  3. Make your positive lists – As cheesy as it sounds its a mantra that you should utilise often.  The things you like doing, the things you are passionate about, the things that really keep you  going are also the things you will do without hesitation and with so much passion because you don’t have to. You are not forced to, you want to. Your passion will drive you to complete the biggest of tasks, purely because you want to.
  4. Outsource anything you are no good at – where you can and I know this isn’t always possible, but if you truly dislike doing something your passionate for it will die alongside it! Outsource to someone else who does LOVE IT and they will deliver in the same way, with similar passion to you. It also means you can do more… focus on your positive lists and make things happen.
  5. Get some YOU time– make time for the important things in your life, family, friends, movies, food, pets, travel, exercise, whatever it is if it relaxes you – its worth the time spent and will really help you kept perspective on your progress.
  6. Focus on achieving, feelings of satisfaction, not just money – when you achieve something – a job, a run, a goal; you feel satisfied and that feeling of satisfaction is what drives you to do it again, and again, and again. By focusing on what gives you satisfaction, something that doesn’t mean just money, you will have the drive to continue and the money will come.  You will find your inspiration again!
  7. What is your REAL job – As with anyone that has worked with you for a while their job changes through time.. this is no different to your own.  The job you have at the very beginning of setting up your business was all encompassing, you basically had to wear every hat in the business fronted maker to CEO and probably with little or no reward, or guidance. As your business has grown and your team have been born your hats have been allocated to others with experiences that match your requirements.  Your team have been hired because of the value they can add to your business. As your responsibilities diminish in some areas they grow in others and your role expectations change.  Have you rewritten your job expectations recently? I think you’d be surprised by what you are now doing.  By doing this you will naturally re-ignite that fire in your belly, the purpose for you being in the business.
  8. Set yourself goals – As you would with your team, its important to set yourself goals, big and small, short and long term, all important for you to focus yourself and challenge the inner stubborn entrepreneur to actually pull that inspiration back out of the bag..  Make them business focus obviously but include your own personal goals in there to, the things we discussed above, your positive lists and your satisfaction makers. All important to really give you that needed boost!
  9. Communicate your new vision to your team – if you need reigniting then you may find your message to your teams has also fallen foul of the demotivating demons… by communicating the changes, by expressing your passions (which can include the fact you have felt a little lost but have now re-infused the fire in your belly!) then tell them.. get them back onside and re-ignite their fires.. set new goals, new satisfaction levels and even looked at new bonuses (not necessarily monetary – dinner on the boss, free cinema tickets, new hairdo or pamper session) get them revved up and ready for it.

If there is one thing I can honestly say to anyone its this – if you truly do not enjoy what you do, if you could wake up tomorrow morning and NOT have to do what you do then don’t do it. Be spontaneous, make the jump and get out while the flames are hot – do not drag your business down with you. Sell it, close it, move on… its takes guts to acknowledge its hasn’t or isn’t working and in the long run you will be happier.  BUT if you have already got to the bottom this blog then I’m guessing you truly love what you do and can still feel that fire in your belly and with these tips I’m hoping I have re-ignited them just enough to get your heart pumping again…

Do what you love, show the team and the world that you adore it and you will find your reinvented, satisfaction guaranteed utopia!


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