Revolutionary People – We need them!

At HR Revolution we love to hear stories of revolutionary ways in which people make a difference and make good things happen!

So as I was running through all my saved ‘to read again’ blogs, I came across this one and felt the need to re-share…. this one went viral at the time and I still love it … it makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it.

Imagine if everyone had to apply for jobs this way, or had to get themselves noticed in a way that really med people sit up and remember them… this was one of the very first videos that I watched that helps me on the way to defining how our new service for job seekers of all levels was formed. I was looking to hone in on peoples struggles to find work, but also the help boost confidence and revolutionise the way in which they were seen online…. was born!

Check out the link to the video and if you are interested in learning more about how we can help revolutionise you then click on our website at we look forward to really revolutionising you and making a difference to your online profile.

This guy has certainly revolutionised the way to apply for a job!
(read the full blog here…)

Happy job hunting guys!

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