Your “PEOPLE” layer

A while back I was interviewed for a new launch of the Gorilla theory: A project created by a very special guy who has an amazingly positive and constructive outlook on Project Management -“Henry Chuks“. When approached to write content for this book my first reaction was, great I love the sound and feel of what it has to offer let’s do it!!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in all my years as an employee, manager, budding entrepreneur and now a business owner, it’s that without your people you are nothing. As an individual you can get a great deal of amazing work completed, but there are only so many hours in the day and because of this constraint (and the fact that if you work 24 hours a day you will keel-over and burn out at some point, which is of no use  anyone!!)  because there is only a window of time during any 24 hours that you can work, you need a team around you.

So I will start with the most important thing:

Your People Layer 2

You need to understand the importance of harmony in your Company’s teams to ensure smooth delivery and efficiency. 

How good your team is and how connected they are with the projects and crusades you are undertaking depends completely on how well you communicate.

Teams work when they are exactly that… a team!  Once motivation levels rise, positive vibes exude through the business and you find everything starts to fall into place. Confidence in the business, the company ethos, the team and ultimately the services and projects that individuals are working on move higher up the agenda and a level of respect across the business is seen.

No matter how much time, money or resources you throw at your business… it’s always about the attitudes within the business and ensuring these attitudes are harmonious.

Every manager needs to recognise the importance of good team spirit and clear, HONEST communications in aid of getting things done (and the flip-side: typical problems you have observed with poor team spirit).

Honest Open Communication2

Take any human being in the world… naturally we all want to belong, to be part of something!  This is where our team spirit comes from but it can also be where negative vibes and office gossip come from.  People  love to be ‘in the know’ and without the right information they can feel very ‘out of the loop’ which then leads to negative vibes, clicky groups of people who are ‘in the know’ and those that feel threatened.

Honest Communication is essential in the drive to stop these negative vibes in their tracks.

In the business of HR the minute we sign up a new company to work with and venture on-site we can guarantee that we have a precise period of time to communicate to everyone in the business to ensure they know why we are there and how we can assist them in their career, training, projects, day to day working life. If we get it wrong the business soon becomes a thriving base for office gossip and we are seen as being on board for restructuring, redundancies, cutting jobs and generally being the grim reaper of the business world. There is a very fine line and its imperative that we involve EVERYONE from the most junior members of the team to the owner of the business.

Communication aids team spirit.

Poor team spirit leads to negative environments and blame cultures start creeping in, if your teams constantly feel like they have to look over their shoulders all the time, or that they will be blamed if things go wrong they will be more concerned with that than getting the job done in the best possible way for the end client.

The best laid project plans can be completely disrupted if the lines of communication are not open especially if you are not on the same wave-length as your end clients and project team.  Two-way communication involves talking, listening, responding and taking action. Good two-way communication can help to build the relationship with your teams helping them to feel valued, motivated and part of your business vision.

In true gorilla style – Managers have to ensure they have strong communication  lines – Gorillas live in dense rain forest where group members often cannot see each other they use mainly vocalisations for communication. In accordance with their role as group leader, Silverback males are the ones to vocalise most frequently… Managers – you are our Silverbacks!

Be a Silverback


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