Are Manners still important in the workplace?

I was recently asked how important manners and like-ability is in the workplace and what happens when you don’t have either!?

Hugely important… like-ability is one way to ensure the job gets done.  It’s a natural reaction.. If you like someone you will always do your utmost to help them, work with them, do as they ask and even come out of your own comfort zone to help them achieve their targets and project goals.

Rudeness, in my humble opinion. Should not be tolerated and just isn’t necessary in this day and age.  There is just no need for it. I’m a big believer in the quote “treat others how you would expect to be treated yourself” and this should apply in and out of the work place and be a natural way of approaching how we deal with our interactions with others.  There’s a difference between rudeness and directness.

There is of course always a need for management, communication and authority, in the workplace but there are ways in which you can achieve this without rudeness.  Be the boss that your employees look up to, trust and believe in and you will see a huge change in how your workload is delivered.

It’s easy to see why when we look at the businesses we are working with, those that are run by polite, professional, engaging owners, directors and managers are far more successful than those run by non-caring and in some cases damn right rude owners, directors and managers.  Successful in a way that they retain their staff, the churn to leave the business is so much smaller and the focus of the teams assists in pushing the business revenue and goals higher and engages all involved.

The amazing thing is that with all the modern technology available and just by having decent manners it really doesn’t take that much energy to go from a negative environment to a motivated, positive and engaged environment.

If you aren’t already doing so, then get cracking… give it a try, you’ll see some amazing changes!


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