Positive Focus! We should all get some!


So let’s begin… start the day today with a change of heart.  Today is about keeping energised, writing your action plan and delegating tasks that mean you get time to think.  We are constantly in immediate response mode; it’s not necessary; how many times a day have you responded to an email or request only to have 2 responses come back into your inbox that also need answering, by auctioning things too quickly you can become overwhelmed with response and feel like you are never going to be able to complete or deliver a total project. Get organised and get planning.   All those guru’s that have been telling us for years that we are in control of our time and how we react to things are right! It’s down to business owners and managers to drive the change in their workforce.

  • Be Open. Communicate with your team to let them know it’s Ok to say if they are feeling over-whelmed
  • Be Sincere. Show your team that you are exactly that, a team and will work through problems together.
  • Be Understanding. Listen to your teams concerns and always remember that everyone deals with situations and responsibilities differently.
  • Be Considerate. Take time to consider changes, and discuss these with the team to ensure everyone feels part of the idea process and that they understand where and why changes need to be made.
  • Have a plan.  Deliver a response that works for you, your employee and your business. Be considerate of individuals in the business whilst also being mindful of your business, clients and your project needs.

A good work life balance has always been important – now we are available 24/7 it’s more important than ever – let’s stop taking our health and welfare for granted.  Time to make change that really will happen!


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